Bionic Bionic

A website that stores all the information it needs to create a ny website. The system uses trial and feedback to get an idea of what is good and bad.

Bonsai Bonsai

Though aesthetically pleasing, the site is primarily functional: implementing breadcrumbs, a shopping cart, user registration, data encryption and the PayPal API (still sandboxed).

Coffeepoint Coffeepoint

StarBucks drink creation system designed for a touch screen interface. Lets you choose from many drinks, flavours and sweeteners.

Crime Stats Crime Stats

This project explored many facets of data management, from extracting MS Excel data into XML, to using the REST framework to allow users to access and modify the data - essentially creating a web application to manage this data.

Diagrams Diagrams

A presentation on Information Architechture digrams using impress.js

Eacc Eacc

Website for fictional climate change activists, it uses js heavily to create page structure.

Hcoa Hcoa

Charity website for the fictional "Human Charity for Other Animals". It uses only basic html, one of my first websites. I tried to use css to give the pages layers, though I may have gone overboard.

Massive Attack Massive Attack

Music website for the band Massive Attack, it uses JavaScript to import html snippets into the content blocks and create the menu and album widgets.

Onetouch Onetouch

A touch-based interface for a cafetieria menu. Used to promote health foods, it provides nutritional information and has categories based on dietary needs.

Sam Boyd Sam Boyd

Sam Boyd's surfing website. The goal was to replicate a photoshop design using CSS, the interactivity of the elements shows what can be done with CSS states and pseudo-selectors.